2nd Grade Curriculum

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Language Arts

The second grade language arts curriculum focuses on writing and sharing.  The students compose poetry throughout the year. They also write short autobiographical stories and brief social studies reports.  These social studies reports provide an opportunity to learn expository paragraph structure, utilizing topic, detail, and concluding sentences.  Writing friendly letters and making daily open-ended journal entries round out the writing program.  A Houghton Mifflin English textbook is utilized as a resource for creative writing, illustrating the writing process and for providing direct instruction of English skills.



The students keep an individual dictionary of words they have misspelled in their class work.  These words form a pool from which weekly spelling words are chosen.  Various spelling activities, sentence and definition writing, making word searches, and drawing illustrations are used during the week, ending with a test on Friday.  The class also utilizes Spellingcity.com.



The Handwriting Without Tears program is used in the second grade to improve the legibility of the students’ school work.  The double lined paper recommended in that curriculum is used for almost all work that requires writing.



The second grade reading program the Open Court Reading and Vocabulary Series to nurture a high level of interest in reading.  The selections follow a pattern of genres that teaches the students to analyze their reading material.  They read realistic fiction, fantasy, holiday books, nonfiction, biography, historical fiction, folklore, poetry, science fiction, and mystery stories.  The classroom library reinforces this concept by including books that he/she has read during the year.  Also to help develop reading skills the students have daily take-home books that are grade level readers, paired reading, weekly reading buddies, and one-on-one reading with the teacher.

In addition, phonics, word attack skills, and comprehension strategies from the second grade Open Court series are included in the daily instruction.  This maintains consistency with the first grade and third grade reading programs.



The second grade mathematics program uses the Harcourt Brace Math Advantage textbook as the basic instruction model and also uses the Math Facts program.  The focus in the second grade is the memorization of addition and subtraction facts, then simple regrouping.  Additional topics include understanding place value, telling time, reading calendars and graphs, working with money, customary and metric measurement, simple fractions and geometric shapes.  Students who show proficiency in any of these areas, as determined by a pretest, are given enrichment work to complete.  This work is noted on their report cards.


Science and Social Studies

In the second grade science and social studies have various methods that are integrated into the curriculum and theme and these units are alternated as time permits.  The science units studied are biology units about the life cycles of plants and animals and the scientific classification of animals, earth science units about the characteristics and interactions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, Earth’s resources and the interaction between animals and the Earth.  There is also a physical science unit about the properties of matter and energy.  There is a strong emphasis on hands-on activities and experiments in this subject.  Science is also hands-on through daily interaction with our classroom pets.


All students attend weekly art, religion, Spanish, and library classes and Chapel services.  They go twice weekly to computer, and P. E.


Remedial Help

The Putnam City public school system provides testing and tutoring for those students needing special help in their academic pursuits and/or speech therapy.


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