4th Grade Curriculum

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READING.  The emphasis is on reading comprehension and literary forms. Students read and study fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, and biography.  They learn to discern author’s intent: is he writing to persuade, to provide information, to entertain or to teach?

  LANGUAGE ARTS and HANDWRITING.  Recognition and application of writing and proofreading skills build a strong foundation for written communication. Using the paragraph form, students work with sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization.  Regular creative writing assignments encourage these skills.  Students work daily with spelling and vocabulary, expanding their knowledge in each of these areas.

SOCIAL STUDIES. Geography of the United States is our emphasis.  Using maps and globes, we study the geographic regions of the U. S. and the geographic relationship of our country to our hemispheric neighbors.  Special emphasis is placed on the geography and history of Oklahoma.

SCIENCE.  A study of animal and plant communities, food chains and the survival and change of these populations provides a perspective on the interrelationship between these and the human communities studied in Social Studies.  Students also study the Earth’s crust, what makes volcanoes and earthquakes and how to observe and forecast weather.

MATHEMATICS.  The year begins with a review of basic processes and problem solving.  New concepts include multiplication of two and three digit numbers, multi-digit division with remainders, reading and writing of decimals and fractions, addition and subtraction of mixed numbers, and a study of graphs.

ENRICHMENTS.  Students in the fourth grade have specialized instruction in Sacred Studies, art, music, Spanish, library and computer lab, and have physical education classes each week.


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