6th Grade Curriculum

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The sixth grade language arts program focuses on creative writing, English grammar and usage, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and composition.  Special attention is placed on sentence and paragraph structure using the writing process.  Students develop pre-writing skills such as brainstorming, webbing ideas, in addition to, the ability to self-edit and revise first drafts.  Creative writing opportunities encourage the student’s self-expression.  A structured vocabulary unit, synonyms, antonyms, and word families are taught to help the students enhance their reading comprehension, increase vocabulary, and develop reasoning skills.  The literature program for the sixth grade is designed to introduce the students to different literary forms, and expand their literary tastes.  In addition to novels, selections from various poetic and dramatic sources are utilized, as well as historic fiction which correlates with the history curriculum.


The sixth grade completes the study of American history begun in the fifth grade with an exploration of the modern era, from the post-Civil Ward America through the Cold War.  The course integrates biographical studies, geography, political studies, economics, and history.  Students participate in an indepth study of the Earth sciences, which include the study of meteorology, fresh water systems, geology, crustal activities, paleontology, environmental science, and oceanography.  This is a laboratory science course with hands-on activities and experiments designed to further the student’s understanding of the scientific concepts.


New mathematical concepts introduced at this level include basic algebra and geometry, as well as a consumer math unit.


Sixth grade student’s enrichment classes consist of art, Spanish, computer lab, Sacred Studies, P. E., Chapel, and music/drama.  Band is also offered to the sixth grade.




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