7th Grade Curriculum

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The curriculum of the seventh grade consists of a comprehensive high school preparatory program.  Seventh grade language arts program focuses on further developing writing skills with an emphasis on correct grammatical usage and sentence structure in order to form strong paragraphs, essays, and letter creative writings.  Students learn various styles of writing including persuasive, expository, descriptive, letter writing, and narrative forms.  Spelling and vocabulary development continue.  The major writing project for the seventh grade is an autobiography.  Through a comprehensive study of the English language and its structure, the students acquire an understanding of the language and its function, and the processes needed for clear, precise communication.  At the seventh grade level, the literature program is correlated with the history curriculum.  Students focus on readings from different cultures, including but not limited to Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hebrew, Sumerian, African, and Oriental mythologies.  Novels will be interspersed, as well as the works of William Shakespeare using both the original and explanatory notes.  Outside reading from a variety of sources is also required.

The seventh grade history program is a comprehensive study of world history.  This course integrates history, geography, religion, culture, economics, and biographical studies within each chapter.  Projects, biographies, and essays are assigned to increase in-depth comprehension of the material.  Beginning with prehistory, the class studies the ancient cultures, Classical Greece and Rome, early India, Asia, America, Africa, and the rise of the major world religions.  The seventh grade study continues through the European Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, then completes the year with New World exploration and colonization.

The seventh grade science program consists of a yearlong science curriculum.  Throughout this study of biology, students learn the usage and care of the microscope, scientific classification, and how to make a scientific collection.  Students proceed through the study of cellular processes and genetics to the major kingdoms.  A comparison of the major organ systems and behaviors of life forms unite the material into a cohesive, understandable framework from which to launch into the study of human anatomy, physiology, and reproduction.  This is a laboratory science course with hands-on activities, dissections, and experiments to further the student’s understanding of the scientific concepts.

Seventh grade students may be placed in regular mathematics or pre-Algebra.  All courses will review fundamental mathematic concepts, the international metric system, basic geometry, and consumer math.

Enrichment classes for seventh grade are Spanish, art, advanced classes in computer technology, Sacred Studies, P. E., Chapel, band, and music/drama.



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