8th Grade Curriculum

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The curriculum of the eighth grade consists of a comprehensive high school preparatory program.  The language arts program uses various forms of creative writing, essays, journal activities, and narrative writings, to enhance the student’s writing skills.  Spelling vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, and the writing process continue to be emphasized.  The major writing project for the eighth grade is a research project.  With this comprehensive study of the English language and its structure, the students are prepared for placement in high school English courses.  The literature program is correlated with the history curriculum.  Studying the Pre-American Revolutionary era through World War II, eighth graders will span the growth of our nation, the Industrial Revolution, western expansion, the Civil War, World War I, and World War II.  Literature will include, but is not limited to poetry, short stories, novels, and a variety of required outside reading.

The history curriculum completes the study of World History begun in the seventh grade.  This course integrates history, geography, religion, culture, economics, and biographical studies into each unit.  Projects, biographies, and essays are assigned to increase in-depth comprehension of the material.  The course commences with Europe in the 1500-1600s and progresses through the revolutions in Western Europe and the Americas, Africa, and Asia.  Imperialism, the Industrial Revolution and subsequent economic changes, scientific advances, and American westward expansion are discussed.  In a separate unit, the United States Constitution is thoroughly covered.  The course continues through both world wars, and the post-war conflicts in Asia, the Middle East, and between the superpowers.  Emphasis is placed on the world, but specific readings and assignments more closely study the forces at work in American during these times.

The eighth grade science curriculum is a study of the physical sciences.  The program consists of a semester of physics including measurement, light, electricity, magnetism, waves, sound, mirrors, and lenses, and a semester of chemistry including composition and properties of matter, atomic structure, elements, bonding, solutions, reactions, acids, bases, salts, formulae, and stoichiometry.  Throughout the program, mathematics are used in conjunction with the topics studied.  This is a laboratory science course, with hands-on activities and experiments developed to further the student’s understanding of the scientific concepts.

Eighth grade students may be placed in Pre-Algebra or Algebra classes.  All courses will review fundamental mathematic concepts, the international metric system, basic geometry, economics, and consumer math.  After completion of St. John’s eighth grade pre-algebra and algebra program, students are able to enter high school well prepared for freshman level mathematics courses, and some students have the ability to advance immediately into sophomore level mathematics.

Enrichment classes for seventh grade are Spanish, art, advanced classes in computer technology, Sacred Studies, P. E., Chapel, band, and music/drama.


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