Kindergarten Curriculum

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The Kindergarten classroom is prepared each day to meet the developmental needs of your children as they continue to grow.  As with all developmental programs, we seek to educate the whole child, not just their intellect.  The focus is to provide balanced activities that foster social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development, as well as fine motor and gross motor skills.  This also includes emphasis on developing independence, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Learning is accomplished through one-to-one, small group, and large group interactions, as well as independent activities.  An integrated, thematic approach is used to teach with relevance to lives of young children.  The daily curriculum is constructed based on the ideas and interest of the group.  Core subject areas are integrated into our focus.  All curriculum approaches are well rounded to meet the needs of the individuals.  Importance is also given to small and gross motor development in multiple indoor and outdoor activities that are also combined with the importance of play for young children.

Language Arts is mastered through daily practice of the skills that promote reading readiness.  This is accomplished with quality children’s literature in the aspect of shared reading, shared writing, language experiences, and with reading and writing centers.  Children work daily in small groups as well as in large group with the teacher to develop and strengthen skills of letter recognition, phonological awareness, oral language, sound/symbol combinations, and handwriting.

Mathematical understanding is experienced with a wide variety of real objects provided in learning centers and practical, everyday situations.  The children use a variety of manipulative materials to reinforce skills of patterning, measuring, counting, comparing, weight, volume, time, graphing, addition, subtraction, problem solving and place value.

Science is experienced through the scientific process and inquiry.  Children are encouraged to question and test their thoughts and ideas as they learn about animals, plants, and the Earth around them.

Social Studies are the core foundation to everyday life in the school and classroom.  Children are learning key aspects of behavior and of being a contributor to their community.

Spiritual Growth is fostered in our classrooms. Bible readings and stories provide a basis for group discussion, as well as our participation in Chapel.

Enrichment Classes are attended weekly and consist of Sacred Studies, art, Spanish, computer, P.E., and library.


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